FEDERER. Uniqlo valued me as a family man and for my values

Why Federer changed his allegiance from Nike to Uniqlo?

The Swiss maestro can now be seen promoting the Uniqlo brand which was a big surprise for many fans who were used to seeing Federer promoting the Nike brand. The fans really found it unimaginable not to see so conspicuous Nike brand on Federer’s headband.

Which clothing brand Federer endorses?

So is it the money factor that has led Federer to go with the Uniqlo brand? No, it’s not about the money which has led Federer to change his allegiance. It’s a lot more about the values which the brand endorses. As for as money is concerned, the rumour is that Federer is set to get $30 million per year from the Uniqlo brand. This is a 10-year deal and will fetch Federer a total sum of $300 million.

The Swiss great says that he “loves the values” of Uniqlo, he says: 

“I was impressed by how they cared about me as a father, as a family man, as a husband, as a player and as a personality, and how it was as important to them as the next game.”

He further says that everyone associated with Uniqlo represents these values:

“From the very top of the Uniqlo family to the ambassadors all represent these values. How they deal with the sport, how they treat others and especially that I know that they are always in my corner.”

Federer will be seen in all-black uniform when he steps out to play at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens this week. The whole look of Federer has been created with the help of the Uniqlo’s research and design teams in Paris. The design team has taken all care to ensure that every last detail is perfect with Federer’s outfit. Federer says that Uniqlo is not a specific sports brand so it will appeal to a wider audience.

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