Federer upset

I probably would not have stopped that point. FEDERER

Roger Federer looked quite upset after losing to Zverev in the semifinal in London especially after the controversial episode involving the ballboy losing a ball on court. He would have probably played on. This is what happened
Sock like Neymar

FUNNY Sock pulling a Neymar

View this post on Instagram Neymar, that you? 😂 @jack.sock . Watch ATP Finals live streams on Tennis TV (link in bio for stream) . #tennis #tennistv #jacksock #sock #atpfinals #nittoatpfinals #atpworldtour #atp #instasport #sports #london #funny #neymar #dive A post...
Zverev about Federer with different rules

Federer is older so he has different rules. ZVEREV

Sascha Zverev complains about the excessive workload during his season as he needs to play at least: 4 slams 9 ATP1000 4 ATP500 Federer doesn't need to follow this rule.   "Roger is older so he has different rules..." From one generation to the next... 37-year-old...

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