3 REASONS. Serena Williams’ coach Mouratoglou explains why it would be special winning the 24th slam

Why it will be so special for Serena to win the US Open this year?

Serena Williams is a special person and a special player. Her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, feels that it will be pretty special if she wins the US Open to claim her 24th Grand Slam title. He says:

“Having the 24th would be unbelievable because it has been so tough. There is a lot of suffering, a lot of disappointment, and when you fight a lot to get something, your joy gets multiple. I am looking forward to this moment to come.”

Why Serena winning the US Open will be special?

Reason 1 – She will equal the record of Margaret Court

Mouratoglou he has a good relationship with the American star and there is a trust between them. The coach believes that the 24th Grand Slam will be special as it will equal the record of Margaret Court (The Australian won 24 Grand Slams, and no one has matched this yet).

Reason 2- Serena will have a shot at the 25th Grand Slam

Serena’s coach went a little ahead saying that equalling the record is good but it will be even better if she overtakes it and wins her 25th Grand Slam title. The coach commented:

“Winning the 24th Major would be great, but it would also mean that there is one more to win because you do not want to equal a record, you want to beat it.”

Reason 3 – Serena’s struggles

Mouratoglou, however, says that one has to go step by step to achieve this milestone. It’s a very tough thing, and one has to go through hardships and struggle to achieve such milestones. Serena went through a lot of problems and it has certainly been not easy. Serena had a very complicated pregnancy. Serena’s daughter was born via C-section and after the birth of her baby, her heart rate had dropped. The tennis great has a history of blood clots and the next day after the birth of her child, she complained of pulmonary embolism (It is a blockage that occurs in lungs because of the blood clots).

Serena has been close to her 24th title a few times already, but it has eluded her for a while (Serena lost in the finals in Wimbledon in 2018 and 2019 and in the final at the US Open after the controversial final against Naomi Osaka).

Mouratoglou said that the training is going good and he is positive about the outcome. He said: “We are very happy with how it is going because we are getting unbelievable results. We have a great team. We have been here for 23 years and the group is a good one, with a great fighting spirit.”

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