Roger Federer might have a great Wimbledon losing the title just by a whisker but it was his wife who stole all the limelight. TV cameras where constantly focussed on Mirka especially when Federer scored some good points in one of the toughest matches ever played in Wimbledon. It was not Mirka’s expressions which were the reason for the camera gaze but the shining ring on her finger. Mirka’s ring certainly competed with the intense match on the court.

Value of Mirka Federer’s ring

Whenever Mirka put her hands on her head over some stressful situations during the match, her ring (an enormous rock) was so apparent to everyone. Some believe that the ring is only one of its kind and has been designed by Brazilian jeweller H. Stern.

People were chatting on social media about the ring and were curious to discover a bit more about it. Lazar Cebbar, a renowned jewellery expert, estimated it to be a 7.0-carat rare diamond.

He said:

“The Ring is exclusive. At first glance, I would say that it is an Emerald Cut, which is a very exotic touch. The size is not only difficult to determine because I know Mrs Federer personally,”

He then estimated the price of the ring:

“The price of the piece is in the range of about half a million Swiss francs. It would not surprise me, however, if the stone… reached a value of over a million francs.”

“In any case, it is a rarity in this purity of a diamond is very rare.”

And some of the fans just went wild with their thoughts on the ring:

One fan said: “Mirka Federer’s engagement ring is actually insane

Another commented: “Wimbledon final is cool and all but I’m in it for shots of Mirka Federer’s insane ring as she rubs her temples with anxiety

Some more interesting comments like: “Mirka Federer’s ring shining brighter than my future,” and “Gutted for @rogerfederer & his wife but not too gutted for his wife…. seen the size on that ring.”

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