Why Djokovic’s wife Jelena was not in Wimbledon cheering for Novak

Why Jelana did not attend Wimbledon final 2019

Jelena was conspicuous by her absence at Wimbledon. While Federer’s wife Mirka was in the crowd to cheer and suffer for her husband, she was absent.

Why Jelena was not at the Wimbledon final

Where was Jelena Djokovic when her husband took on Federer in the finals? The cameras wanted to spot her but she was nowhere to be seen. She had recently posted a picture of her children Tara and Stefan running through a field with the location marked as Wimbledon.

Djokovic revealed that she was staying with their daughter at home in London. He said:

“My wife and my daughter are here in London, but they’re at home. So I give them a big, big hug.”

After that, he said to the camera that he loves them and will see them soon. Just a week back, Jelena had posted on Instagram that she was back in her native Serbia and she was engaged in charity work.

Whatever be the engagement of Jelena, people noticed her absence and that she was not cheering her champion husband during a tough match against the Swiss champ Roger Federer. Novak apparently seemed to be going all alone this summer.

Jelena, keeps busy with the Novak Djokovic’s Foundation aimed at helping young children in Serbia. She handles a major responsibility at the Foundation. Apart from that, her two little children keep her busy and that may be the reason that Ms Djokovic was not present at the Wimbledon’s final this year.