Andy Murray received a rather bizarre farewell in January after he stated that he was unsure about if he was able to keep on competing. That didn’t mean that he decided not to play anymore, but that he had doubts. However, it was interpreted as an impending retirement.

Later, the Brit had yet another operation to his struggling hip and he is now moving pain-free. A couple of weeks ago Andy posted also a video of him slowly playing tennis against a wall giving more hopes to his fans.

Why Tipsarevic thinks Murray will be back stronger

During a recent interview with The Tennis Podcast, Janko Tipsarevic, that is also struggling with injuries, explained why he is 100% sure that Murray will win another slam.

The Serbian commented

“Andy Murray will be back stronger than ever. This is the first place where your listeners can hear it. He will win another Slam.

I’m not sure if he will be back to world No 1, but he will be back stronger than ever. I’m 100 percent sure of it.

I am sure. Same like when I was speaking to Novak after his elbow surgery. For Novak it was a little bit easier because I was around him.

I am not a huge religious guy, but I believe that the universe recognizes if you really want something. Andy Murray, in my opinion, is completely obsessed with tennis, which is an unbelievable gift and a great thing. If he wants something really badly, there is no way it will not happen.”

Andy Murray among the favorites to win Wimbledon

According to bet365, Murray is the favorite no.4 to win Wimbledon (at 12.00). See quotes  (only selected countries – USA excluded, but coming soon)


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