Andy Murray back to hit tennis balls. VIDEO

Andy Murray is trying to get back to pro tennis after his hip operation. He doesn't seem to have any intention to retire.

Andy Murray

Good news for Andy Murray and his fans as the British legend is on his way to try to get back to the tour.

Andy had a hip resurfacing surgery at the end of January with the aim of getting rid of his pain and, why not, get back to play tennis against the very best.

Andy Murray playing tennis again

The former world no.1 posted a video on his Instagram story about him swinging the racket again giving hopes to his fans.

Will Andy Murray retire?

Andy received a rather awkward farewell during the Australian Open as it was already decided that he was about to retire after he had an emotional press conference in the previous days.

However, Andy doesn’t seem to have the intention to let it go without giving another try and it is rather plausible that we will see him back on court.

Fingers crossed.