I sacrificed school and friendship, but …. ROGER FEDERER

Roger reflects on what he had to sacrifice to follow his career

Roger Federer

At 37 years of age, Roger Federer has been around the world playing tennis for more than 20 years. This is obviously not a “normal life,” but of course Federer is quite happy with that also given his amazing career. However, the Swiss legend had to do some sacrifices.

I sacrificed school and friendship. ROGER FEDERER

During a recent press conference at the Miami Open, Roger was asked about what he sacrificed the most to pursue his dream. This was his reply

“[I sacrificed] school to some extent. I stopped when I was 16; I would have continued if I wasn’t a tennis player.

I guess friendship. You know, the ones you make it when from 16 to 20 in that time. So my friend would come from other places and from another walk of life.

But sacrifices were worth it and would do it or not exactly all over again, but I was happy I chose the road I chose, and I was allowed by my parents.”