EXPLAINED. Why Federer will play on clay in 2019 and why not in 2016, 2017, 2018

Roger Federer was very specific in explaining why he decided to skip the clay court season during the last 3 years


At 37 years of age, Roger Federer it’s in impressive shape and it seems that he wants to play as much as he can (without risking too much with his body).

The Swiss legend decided not to play on his favorite surface (clay) for the last 3 years and that opened some speculations that the Federer would have never decided to get back and compete on the dirt.

Why Federer skipped the clay in 2016, 20017, and 2008

During a recent interview with the Tennis Channel, Federer explained why he decided not to play on clay during the last 3 years and there were 3 different reasons. Roger commented

“It was never the plan to miss three French Opens.

In 2016, I had to [because of the knee operation].

In 2017, I went on clay for a couple of days; I spoke to the team and asked them what they thought and they said I had to be really sure that you want to do this and I was like ‘I’m not so let’s not do it.’

In 2018, I was just not in the mood. I was happy to have an extended break again for longevity reasons that I could still stay in the game.

About 2019 Roger added”And then this year, I was not in the mood to have a massive b reak.I was also excited about the idea of going back onto the clay because I really feel the body’s in a great place right now. And I’d like to play the French Open again and mix up the schedule.

It actually came very naturally and I asked the team what they thought and they said ‘don’t ask us, as long as you’re happy to keep playing tennis, that’s all we care about and whatever tournament you want to play that’s all good.’ So that was very nice of my team.”


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