Gael Monfils and his girlfriend Elina Svitolina are inseparable. The Frenchman and the Ukrainian are always together, and they have even started a shared Instagram page.

However, it is interesting to notice that Gael and Elina are utterly different from a professional point of view. Ranked no.7, Elina is the typical “perfect” athlete that is completely dedicated to the cause. Of course, the Frenchman is also a great athlete, but he is unable to put the same dedication of his girlfriend to the sport.

Svitolina is too serious for me. MONFILS

During a recent interview, Gael commented

“I admire what she’s doing, how she works, the mentality she has. It’s incredible. But I always say not for me, not for me. She’s too serious for me. It’s her way. It’s her way to be the way she is.

The only motivation that I will say that we have is to make the other proud. I love it when she wins. I’m very proud of her. I think it’s the same for her.”

Different is good. Isn’t it?

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