Unfortunately, it was evident for the past few days that Novak Djokovic was dealing with a serious injury. The world no.4 was exceptionally moody especially after his match against Mannarino was postponed of 1 day. That was the last straw for Nole’s injured elbow that could not bear to sustain 2 best of 5 matches in 2 consecutive days.

Djokovic had the tough task to face Tomas Berdych in the quarter-final. After losing the opener in the tiebreak, Nole had to withdraw when he was 0-2 down in the second set. There was no way that the Serbian could have come back in that match and things were getting worse and worse for his arm.

The pain was too much. DJOKOVIC

In the post-match press conference, Nole explained in details what happened

“The intensity and the level of pain was only increasing as the days went by. I kept doing everything with my physiotherapist and the ATP physiotherapist to try and recover and get into the state where I’m actually able to perform. I was able to perform up to this stage, but it was only getting worse.

Unfortunately, today was the worst day. I was able to play for 30 minutes with some pain that was bearable. All the treatments couldn’t really help.

The serve and forehand were the shots where I could feel it the most. After that, there was really no sense.”

Probably some rest will help Nole to recover.

All the best.

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