Nick Kyrgios didn’t show his best behavior on court for the last two years, and he didn’t miss the chance to put some irony on it.

What happened

Gastao Elias lost his cool during his match against Zeballos in Miami to smash a ball into the crowd after losing a game. That was a horrible action that was reprimanded by the chair umpire Carlos Bernardes that reminded him what happened to Shapovalov. Gastao is a great guy, and he always has an excellent behavior, so Carlos was the first one to be surprised. 

“If you do the same thing that the other ‘unlucky’ (Shapovalov) did. Don’t do that. You are not like that, I know you. It’s not worth it,” Bernardes commented.

“Yeah? Have you ever felt like this?” Elias replied.

“Yes, I’ve played longer than you. I know how you feel, but come on, that is not you,” 


We can’t accept this behaviour. KYRGIOS

After the episode, Kyrgios posted on twitter that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable and the Portuguese has to be fined. Even if the post was clearly ironic, Gastao wasn’t happy about Nick’s remark to comment “@NickKyrgios leave the people in charge to decide, I don’t think you’re the right person to so.”

Of course, this exchange prompted a mix reaction on Twitter from fans.


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