Stefanos Tsitsipas and Nick Kyrgios have a rather interesting and unexpected bromance.

Last year, the Australian made fun of the Greek when Stefanos post one of his blogs; given their completely different characters, it looked unplausible that they would hang around together.

However, things got interesting in Washington DC when it was announced that Stefanos and Nick would have played together in doubles. Eventually, that wasn’t only a publicity stunt, as the two looked really happy playing together even if they lost in the opener.

Nice being with a person like Kyrgios. TSITSIPAS

Stefanos and Nick are going to partner again in doubles in Cincinnati for the joy of the local crowd. When asked about his opinion about Kyrgios, Tsitspas replied:

“It’s the joy of being with a person who thinks differently and reacts differently. I would characterize him as someone who likes to amuse. I’m very serious and concentrated when I play, but he just has the style of speaking all the time. It’s good sometimes to have a change.”

Kyrgios and Tsitsipas will play their first match in doubles on Tuesday at 4pm, and they are going to face the same couple that beat them in Washington (Cabal and Farah).


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