Who is Bianca Andreescu’s fitness coach Virginie Tremblay

Know more about Bianca Andreescu's coach

Virginie Tremblay

Bianca Andreescu’s is grabbing all sorts of attention for all the right reasons. She is doing great in her career as a professional tennis player. According to the twenty-eight-year-old physical trainer Virginie Tremblay, the young teen is doing great and she has just begun.

During an interview, Tremblay expressed her joy of seeing Bianca performing way beyond expectations.

She dreams of a promising future for Andreescu and said: “We were both extremely happy and surprised, but obviously on a positive note. She was expected to qualify and play a few games on the table, but she defeated Caroline Wozniacki and Venus Williams in addition to reaching the final. We were pleasantly surprised”.

Who is Bianca Andreescu’s trainer?

The young Canadian trainer herself is no less than inspiration because she holds a master’s as well as a bachelor’s degree in the field of Kinesiology from Montreal University. It is one of the fields where despite the presence of many women, a very few are performing with athletes.

However, the adventurous lady with an indomitable spirit says: “In kinesiology, there are a lot of women, but in the field of performance with athletes, there are very few. After my baccalaureate and my master’s degree, I was daring and decided to go into the middle. I was lucky to know good people at the right time too because everything is a matter of timing”.

She has been the biggest support for Bianca in the absence of Sylvain Bruneau by playing the role of a physical trainer for a tournament that was happening in New Zealand.

As a child, Virginie herself played junior tournaments and is thus well aware of the discipline that the sport demands.

Tremblay believes that: “Build a reputation is obviously long-term and I have the impression that as a woman, we must prove sometimes, always do a little more. But once everything is well built and I have been able to show my potential, it’s obviously the ideal”.

And she further added that: “I know there are women as a fitness trainer and I take my hat off those who want to go into the professional environment, regardless of the sport. I hope I can inspire a young woman in this situation who wants to do the same thing as me”.

She has set examples for many young aspiring women out there by sharing her thoughts. But, the one person who has benefitted the most has to be the nineteen-year-old Women’s tennis-star Bianca Andreescu, as she played tough on her way into the final eight on Friday at the Roger’s Cup.



Pics Credit – modelmayhem.com

Pics Credit – modelmayhem.com

Pics Credit – modelmayhem.com

Pics Credit – modelmayhem.com