Monfils and Svitolina’s crazy life

The beautiful love story of Monfils and Svitolina

The Ukrainian raving beauty, Elina Svitolina, and Gael Monfils are a fun couple, and the whole world is audience to their frequent display of affection. From the very first day, both these love birds have been supremely candid and out in the open about their relationship.

While Monfils has had a long history of dating the WTA players, the Ukrainian Tennis star broke up with Reece Topley, the British Cricketer.

Monfils-Svitolina love story

On account of two instances, the media started speculating about the two stars dating each other, once, when Monfils was found in Svitolina’s box while she was playing the Australian Open’s second round and, the other when Elina shared a picture of hers on Instagram hugging someone wearing the Asics gear. It took less than second for the people in the sports fraternity to guess that sparks were flying between the two.

Right after her victory at the Australian Open, Svitolina was questioned about the new face debuting in the player’s box and blushing to the hilt, she responded: “Yeah, he’s supporting me.”

Later at a press conference post-match, the Ukrainian Tennis star confirmed that indeed the two are dating each other.

According to the Wimbledon Semifinalist, she recalls meeting Gael in many tournaments but a meet up at a Paris Restaurant, sealed the deal for them.

She recollected and said: “At the end of last year, after winning the final tournament, I went to celebrate with my Paris friends. I posted a photo on Instagram, and Gael wrote to me. We met and could no longer part”.

They went ahead and opened (G.E.M.S Life) that is the joint Instagram account of theirs. It is here that they keep posting about their daily lives and thing they engage in, off courts. This news of them opening a joint account sent the social media netizens into an overdrive. It racked up more than a thousand likes in a couple of minutes.

Svitolina recently opened up about being so open and public about their love life and explained that: “It’s tough to escape when you’re both famous tennis players, it is tough to be really private and I think it is a waste of energy hiding things. Gael is a very open person and for me, it is natural too. If fans want to see something then we will show them and try to share”.

She further added: “Every week we are under the camera, we can be seen on television supporting each other, so I didn’t see the point of hiding on purpose”.

However, just like any couple in love, these two also share a love-hate story. A few months back, they deactivated their Insta account and fans were quick to jump the gun that the relationship was over. They may not have shared any clarification about shutting down the page but after a small hiatus, the account was back up, in its full glory. It reappeared this time but with an extremely “deliriant” video from Monfils as well as a message that said:
We fight We kiss,
We hug,
We text,
We talk,
We argue,
We laugh,
We love…
That’s us.”

A beautiful and buoyant post like this, explains it all!

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