What I have learnt from my children. FEDERER

Federer says that he has learnt a lot from his children

The Swiss champ Roger Federer and wife Mirka have two sets of identical twins that are a great source of happiness and inspiration for him. Charlene Riva and Myla Rose were born in the year 2009 while in 2014 Lenny and Leo came in. It turns out that Federer is not only teaching them the basics of life and sports but he is also learning a lot from them as well.

Do Federer’s boys also play tennis?

In a recent interview to the Vogue Magazine during Wimbledon, Roger spilled a few interesting facts about his twins Lenny and Leo. He was asked if he still gets confused between the two, and Roger smilingly replied that: “I used to sometimes if I could not see their face right away but no, nowadays I am a pro, of course, I can tell them apart”.

And on being asked as to what is the best lesson he has assimilated from the kids, The Swiss immediately responded saying: “Patience and smiling again. It’s been the best”.

Over the course of Roger’s celebrated career, he has acquired a lot of wisdom on the courts of tennis. And, according to him, this wisdom can translate to lessons in life which he just hopes his children can imbibe.

Roger who has always been the doting dad to his twins, when asked if there is anything that he wants his kids to learn from him, he replied: “Everything. I want to teach them everything I know. I love them so much”.

Moreover, Roger occasionally has shared that his children are beginning to get better at playing tennis. So could there be a Junior Federer playing professional twenty years down the line? Well if Roger’s current statements are anything to go by, then his kids could actually be taking their steps towards turning it into a reality. Despite, his wariness at any of his twins becoming professional tennis players, he has said that he is going to support them.

“I have no idea where they’re going to go. All I know is I’ll be incredibly supportive of them”, said The Swiss Tennis Maestro.