Parents all across the world will now think twice probably before they bash their teenage daughters and sons from playing online video games. The online game which we are referring to has 250 million users worldwide and recently Epic Games, who created this, organized a competition called  “Fortnite World Cup.” A sixteen-year-old boy, Kyle Giersdorf, hailing from Pennsylvania in the US won a whopping three million USD. The amount is being estimated to be more than what Novak Djokovic earned after winning the Wimbledon championship and Rafael Nadal after the French Open.

How much is the prize money in Fortnite Cup?

After ousting Federer in straight sets in the French Open final, Nadal won 2.5 million dollars in prize money and by defeating Federer in the Wimbledon final, the Serbian great, Novak Djokovic made 2.9 million dollars. So in a simple comparison, the 16-year-old made more money than these two tennis greats.

“Bugha”(the game name of Kyle Giersdorf)  defeated other Fortnite World Cup rivals and walked away with the grand prize. According to some reports, the game prize money is the largest single-player payout in the history of an e-sports contest.

All participants, even those that had scored zero points, walked away with fifty thousand dollars.

The players had to undergo a qualifying process of ten-weeks which involved competing against numerous players. Overall, the organiser, Epic Games rewarded thirty million dollars to hundred competitors.

The Fortnite Cup became even more grand and fascinating because of the location of the final which was the Arthur Ashe centre of Tennis in New York.

“Bugha” must be over the moon after winning the topmost prize in the game he loved. This is similar to Djokovic who had revealed post the Wimbledon victory: “I know I have said this before but when I was a boy, this has always been the tournament for me. It’s where I wanted to participate and wanted to win one day”.


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