The world no.1 Novak Djokovic won a tense Wimbledon final and was able to show his supremacy over Federer though only by only a narrow margin. There has been a word going on in the press if the Serbian will be able to surpass the great Federer in terms of winning the most number of slams. The Serb with this year’s Wimbledon win has 16 titles to his name and he continues to dominate the ATP Rankings.

Djokovic is just behind Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal by 4 and 2 Grand Slam titles respectively and with his current form and the age in his side, he is likely to take over both these in the coming years. Recently Novak’s father predicted that his son will have more Grand Slams than Federer and Novak.

When Djokovic will take over Federer for the most number of Grand Slams

Djokovic’s father firmly believes that Novak will continue to dominate the sport in the coming years. He said that the next year will be crucial. Srdjan was quoted saying in terms of the number of Grand Slam wins by his son and Federer:

“One year ago there was 20:12 in the Grand Slam titles for Federer, now he is 20:16.”

The notion that Novak will take over Federer has increased after the tense Wimbledon final where the Serb played some tough tennis under a very tense situation. The crowd was also in a way against the Serb champion and was cheering the mistakes made by him. Djokovic saved two Championship points and then went on to win 3 tie-breaks to win the most coveted title in tennis.

Djokovic’s father slammed the behaviour of the English crowd at the Centre Court and appreciated his son’s playing skills as well as his mental toughness. He said that the crowd was less supporting the Swiss than demotivating his son by whistling on his mistakes.

Novak’s father was furious with the behaviour of the Centre Court crowd:

“Can you imagine them whistling after the first missed service to the winner of the past Wimbledon, I have the impression that they were less cheering for Federer and more against Novak, I think that is ugly and the fair play they are proud of here it did not exactly show itself in the best light.”

He said that his son is naturally stubborn and was getting more motivated and strength for the crowd being against him.

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