How I am training to come back. FEDERER

Roger Federer is trying to get ready for a sensational comeback in 2017. The Swiss legend decided not to play the rest of the season to strengthen his battered body. The Maestro was struggling to recover from a knee and a back injury, and his age wasn’t really helping.

How I am training

During a recent interview, Roger explained what he is doing and how much tennis he has been playing. Federer revealed

“I am practicing well; we are going step by step although we could do more. We are practicing 90 minutes per day, and I am almost 100%. Now we will increase the intensity both in the gym and on the tennis court.

In the last two months, I played less tennis, maybe 10 or 12 times and three times I played more than an hour.

For the rest, half an hour and sometimes hitting against the wall. I did not want to take risks after all the physical practice I did.”