Novak Djokovic won an incredible final in Wimbledon against Roger Federer not only for the fact that he managed to escape 2 championship points on Roger’s serve but also and especially for the fact that he was on his back foot for almost the all part of the match.

However, it is well-known that the world no.1 has an amazing defencing game that helped him to win his 16th majors. Still, managing to hold back probably the best grass-court player in history while playing defensively in Wimbledon was an amazing feat. Novak Djokovic explained how he did it and what helped him to play so well from the back of the court.

Djokovic about skiing

During an interview with Vide, the Serbian sensation explained: “I wasn’t serving the best. Roger was dictating play from the back of the court. So I fought a lot. I spent a lot of time during the match quite far behind the baseline. But I am accustomed to that; I’m used to it. I like sliding on that surface.

I think it has something to do with my childhood, skiing a lot. I guess the amount of skiing and sliding on the snow has adapted my ankles to that type of motion. Ever since that time, my professional career as a young player, I have trained on sliding on courts. I do enjoy it”

Novak enjoyed a great time on the mountains soon after he conquered the Australian Open. The Serb had a different plan after he won Wimbledon and he is currently enjoying a summer vacation before getting ready to assault the Rogers Cup in Montreal.

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