Ion Tiriac’s idea is already succesful.

All tennis world is talking about the big blue clay controversy. Top players do not sound too impressed. But there are some more interesting feedbacks.

Milos tested the “Smurf courts” and he found them quite slippery with a a lower bounce (compared to the normal clay).  This would make Federer very happy.

The Spaniard commented “It’s easy to move around it and the mark the ball leaves on the surface is crystal clear. Perhaps the surface is not quite as bouncy as normal, which will make the courts slower, but that could just be a result of us having trained on an indoor court in the cold.”

The Romanian was super positive about the blue clay to tweet “Im pro blue clay.Its a big step forward,an improvement in our sport,a way to grow and push our bounderies to progress!”. Maybe the fact that the idea came from a fellow countryman helped her to stay positive…

Maria seems also ok with that. “It’s a little bit different. I’m here for the first time, but I think it’s unique. It’s obviously what the tournament wants. It’s all about being unique and different. I think that for the show and the excitement of the tournament. It’s very nice.” 

He has always been against the idea. If it is true that these courts have a low bounce and are a bit slippery, he will be mad!

We will see!

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