During the last decade or so there is a sort of custom in tennis of being nice on and off court. With the due exceptions, players are more prone to friendly gestures, especially on the ATP tour.

While most find it as an admirable trait of pro tennis, some others are finding it annoying as they perceive as it is just an act. Some players went to an all new level like Novak Djokovic that is used to send “love” to the fans after his matches, a behavior that some consider as cringe-worthy (see what Kyrgios said).

Patrick Mouratoglou vs. “tennis hugs.”

Patrick Mouratoglou, Serena Williams’ coach, has always maintained that tennis needs controversies and he expressed his disdain for “systematic hugging” after matches that are quite frequent with players like Del Potro and when good friends had a tough fight such as the one we witnessed between Federer and Wawrinka on Wednesday.

Patrick Twitted “This brand new trend consisting in systematically taking your opponent in your arms once you have beaten him in order to look like a nice guy is very annoying to me. Our sport needs more authenticity.

So do you agree or disagree with the following?

Your Opinion?

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Robyn Winter-Sky
Robyn Winter-Sky

He’s just mad NO ONE wants to hug his token

Ken Adams

So is he mad at the hugging or his claim of fake hugging.? Cuz fake drama is worst. Most of these guys, unlike the frigid women, actually respect and like each other. Something his pupil can learn.

Heidi George
Heidi George

He doesn’t know good sportsmanship when he sees it. Can you blame him? Look who he has been coaching for years.