How to make your bandeja better playing padel

Hello Panel Academy coach Mauri emphasizes the importance of recognizing different types of bandejas in table tennis, including those on the plane shoulder, close to the body line, and known plane shoulder. He advises players to maintain their net position and avoid the kick bandeja due to its riskiness. He also emphasizes the need for footwork, risk reduction, and practicing various bandejas for improved performance.Hello Panel Academy instructor Mauri emphasizes identifying bandejas in table tennis, advising players to stay in net position, avoid kick bandejas, and practice different bandejas for improved performance.


In this video, Hello Panel Academy instructor Mauri talks about how important it is to identify different kinds of bandejas, or shots, at the net position in padel tennis. Depending on where the ball landson the plane shoulder, along the body line, or on the recognized plane shoulderhe distinguishes three varieties. The decisions about recovery stay the same, but the placement of shots and footwork are different. Maori shows players how to execute the placement shot, which starts at the body line, and gives them advice on how to stay in their net position: play softer and deeper, letting the ball bounce before coming near the net.

He also talks about the kick bandeja, which lands on the shoulder that is not a plane, but he advises against using it since it is dangerous and lacks defensive awareness. The instructor then gives advice on how to improve the bandeja shot, such as lining up the rocket behind the back and using the non-dominant shoulder from a specific position. In order to develop playing style and predict opponents’ moves, he emphasizes the value of footwork, risk mitigation, and practicing different bandejas. In the end, he stresses the importance of self-awareness and knowing one’s unique playing style in order to improve performance.