Premier Padel connects to grassroot community with Playtomic

Premier Padel has partnered with Playtomic, the largest global community for racket sports players and clubs, to bring Premier Padel experiences closer to grassroots fans and local clubs. The partnership will promote tournaments and experiences across the Playtomic network, and create innovative experiences for local players and clubs.

Premier Padel

Premier Padel, the leading official professional padel tour worldwide, has exciting news for padel enthusiasts. The tour has announced a strategic partnership with Playtomic, the largest community for racket sports players and clubs globally. This collaboration aims to bring Premier Padel experiences even closer to grassroots fans and local clubs.

1. Global Community App Partner: Playtomic becomes Premier Padel’s new global community app partner. Through this partnership, Premier Padel gains access to Playtomic’s rapidly growing community of over 1 million monthly active padel players and more than 5,000 partner clubs across 52 countries.

2. Promotion and Engagement: Premier Padel tournaments and experiences will now be promoted across the Playtomic network. Additionally, local community engagement initiatives, including amateur tournaments, competitions, and activations, will take place in host cities.

3. Innovative Experiences: Playtomic and Premier Padel will collaborate to create innovative experiences for local players and clubs. These experiences will immerse them in Premier Padel tournaments held in various host cities.


Padel Tonic

Quotes from the Partners:

– Rob Mitchell, Commercial Director at Premier Padel, expressed excitement about bringing the thrill of Premier Padel to grassroots communities worldwide. He emphasized the shared commitment to fostering padel’s growth.

– Pablo Carro, Co-founder of Playtomic, highlighted the goal of making social enjoyment of racket sports accessible to everyone. The partnership aims to enhance the overall experience for fans who are also players.

Upcoming Events:

The collaboration kicks off in Rome, where Playtomic members will have the opportunity to enjoy the Premier Padel experience ahead of the Premier Padel Rome Major in June. Discussions are ongoing with other cities, including Malaga, Madrid, Rotterdam, Dusseldorf, Paris, Milan, and Barcelona, to host Premier Padel events throughout the season¹.

This exciting partnership promises to elevate the padel community experience and create memorable moments for players and fans alike. Stay tuned for more updates as Premier Padel and Playtomic continue to collaborate!