There’s been a lot of questions about how Serena Williams is managing after Miami as well as after coming back since her pregnancy. It’s time to set the record straight.

Serena eating Grass!

The question asked to Serena Williams was about her injuries as well as her pregnancy. After what happened at Miami as well as the earlier tournaments and her pregnancy, Williams was asked about whether she had learned to manage her body. Did she stay fresh for the big tournaments? Serena Williams responded by saying that, in all honesty, she had been on a diet that was making her feel awful. She elaborated by saying that when a person is sedentary, it’s hard to manage their body. In short, she said that she had to eat grass and it was a nightmare for her.

“Honestly, I’ve just been on this diet basically. It’s been awful. When you’re sedentary, it becomes hard to manage your body. So it’s just basically you have to eat grass. That’s kind of what I did. It was a nightmare.”

However, it worked out for her in the end. She then said that she didn’t get to train much and that it was like a process she was taking a single day at a time. Williams specifically said that she had been putting her cardio hours in as much as she could with her knee injury and remarked that it was impressive how she’s been able to do it. Williams also called Mackie in who worked really well as well as hard with her. Together, they did what they could.

To sum up, she said that it wasn’t about today or tomorrow and that for her it was obviously about playing well during the big moments. A big moment also happened to be this tournament. Other big moments are the slams and so on. She finished up by saying that she’s getting ready for those events.

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