Kokkinakis almost fights on court with Harrison

There is no peace for the Australian young guns. Tomic is lost in an endless row with his federation and the police all over the world, Kyrgios is just fighting with everybody and now it is time also for Kokkinakis to (almost) lose his cool.

What happened?

Thanasi was playing the Cincinnati qualifications against Ryan Harrison that was probably trying to provoke him (apparently the Kyrgios’ mess has exasperated the other players). The 2 argued for the entire match and the chair umpire had to separate them when they were at the net.

After the match Harrison said to the umpire “You have got to get these kids under control or they’re gonna get hurt,” and Kokkinakis replied “I’ve done nothing to disrespect him and he’s giving me that.”

Apparently during the match Harrison shouted to the Australian “Your whole crew is just so cool” 

Harrison threatens Kokkinakis

Apparently the American threatened Thanasi “If he wants to get into it, I will bury him. Wawrinka should’ve decked Kyrgios, and I should deck that kid,”.

Finally Harrison had a warning for unsportsmanlike conduct and Kokkinakis won the match 7-5 3-6 7-6 (2).

Not easy for the Australians… not easy. What about a nice penalty to Harrison now?