Is the end of the Big4 era the end of tennis? Not really! This is what Serena Williams’ Patrick Mouratoglou thinks about our beloved sport.

Tennis is too flat

During an interview with, Patrick expressed an interesting concept about the fact that the inevitable retirement of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray will not be the problem of tennis, but the fact that the sport may become too flat is the real danger.

Why Nick Kyrgios is good for tennis

According to Mouratoglou, more controversy will help tennis. Tennis needs to attract not only the viewers that have the passion for the sport but also people that do not follow tennis directly or are not even fond of it.

The Frenchman drew an interesting comparison with Mike Tyson to say

“Who’s not a fan of Tyson? Especially at my age. All the people at my age we were waking up every time he was boxing, even though we were not boxing fans, at 3 o’clock in the morning to watch two minutes because before the first round he would kill the guy. He was such a superstar.”

Talking about Kyrgios, Mouratoglou commented that a person that he knows that is not fond of tennis likes to watch the Australian for the following reason:

“The only thing she likes [about tennis] is Nick Kyrgios. It’s the same for everybody. And why? Because Nick Kyrgios is giving to people what tennis doesn’t give to them. It’s simple.

We are flat. And we could be incredibly exciting. Kyrgios is the only guy who makes it not flat; this is why everyone is after him.”

Mouratoglou against the Hawk-Eye and the no-coaching rule

The Patrick added

Hawk-Eye is a mistake. No coaching is a mistake. Code of conduct is a mistake. Big mistake. Big mistake. Let people be themselves on a tennis court, then people have a chance to get to know them, like them, dislike them and when they’re going to watch a match something is going to happen they’re going to root for somebody, and they’re going to have emotions. Otherwise, you’re going to root for nobody.”

Interesting stuff…

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