GENIE BOUCHARD. It’s fake news, I am not taking a break

The Canadian is not done with tennis

Genie Bouchard

Fantastic news from Genie Bouchard that rejects the fact that she is taking an indeterminate break from tennis.

The Canadian was starting to have a sort of resurgence after reaching the quarters in Auckland and Newport, but after a disappointing Sunshine Double, she decided not to play in Monterrey and Bogota. According to reports from Tennis.Life, Genie wanted to take ” a break of undetermined length.” Therefore, she also didn’t enter the draws in Madrid and Rome, and  her coaches were in a sort of “limbo.”

This also prompted speculations about a possible retirement also because of Genie’s flourishing “side career” as a model. According to the Canadian, that’s not true, and she will stay.

This is fake news. BOUCHARD

Eventually, Genie stepped in on the social media to clearly brand the fact that she will stay out of tennis to “get healthy” as fake news.

We are looking forward to seeing the Canadian back in full strength.


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