Shapovalov has a great reaction after Tsitsipas’ hindrance

Denis Shapovalov wasn't distracted from Stefanos Tsitsipas' hitting the racket on court to distract him. However, that was quite an awkward moment.

Tsitsipas hindrance vs. Shapovalov

MIAMI OPEN. Awkward stuff between Denis Shapovalov and Stefanos Tsitsipas at the Miami Open.

The Canadian and the Greek are poised to have a long and fierce rivalry in the years to come, and it’s understandable if there is some extra tension between the 2 especially during important matches.

Stefanos Tsitsipas hitting the racket on court

Stefanos and Denis were fighting a furious battle in the 4th round while the scoreline was 3-all in the 3rd set. Unfortunately, during a rally when Tsitsipas felt he was in a tricky (or desperate) situation he tapped the racket twice to distract Shapovalov.

Denis didn’t fall for it, he hit the winner, and then he made it clear to his opponent that he didn’t appreciate that.

The nice thing is that once at the net there was a warm handshake between them. Yes, the rivalry is getting some heat. What else?