Nadal uses computerized racket in Melbourne

We are in the 3rd millennium and surely the tennis equipment is not left behind the technological advancement. Rafael Nadal is now adopting a smart racket that helps him to analyze his tennis after a match.  Caroline Wozniacki and Jo-Wilfrid Tsonga are also adopting the new technology.

What’s a smart racket?

A smart racket is equipped with a sensor that records every single shot. Players are not allowed to check the data while playing, but they can have a look soon after the match. The data are downloaded via Bluetooth to an app and you can analyze every kind of pattern.


From Rafa

Nadal praises the new technology saying ”I know to play well I need to play 70 percent of forehands, 30 percent of backhands. ‘If I’m not doing that, I know I’m not doing the right thing on court.” This (racket) is a way you can check these kinds of things,”

Babolat is not the only brand to have adopted it as also Wilson has embraced the project. Another excuse to look at your smart phone…Interesting…

Smart racket app