Naomi Osaka says that hitting with Andy Murray helped her confidence

Naomi includes Andy Murray among the people that (sort of) helped her to win the Australian Open

Andy Murray and Naomi Osaka

When Naomi Osaka was asked about the (possible) retirement of Andy Murray, she admitted that she was said because she lost a “potential friend” on tour.

In fact, both Naomi and Andy have rather strong humor and they looked thrilled to train together in Brisbane.

After winning the Australian Open, Naomi became rather active on the social media. On Monday she sent a post thanking the people that helped her to win this slam and a “potential friend”, Andy Murray pretended to be upset for not being part of the “thank you” list saying “Disappointed not to be mentioned in this post after our hit in Brisbane but congrats anyway.”

Naomi was quick in replying “ooo my bad. Thanks Andy for giving me confidence after our hit in Brisbane LOL ”

A new bromance? Lovely


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Hey so I know I’ve been posting a lot 😖 sorry but real quick I want to thank everyone around me, because during the ceremony I was too nervous and I didn’t wanna talk for too long lol. Trust me this is super long hahaha feel free to disregard 😫. Firstly thank you Kristy this is our first grand slam together, 2nd overall. I haven’t known you for a long time but I already wonder what I would do without you, I don’t think I could’ve held my sanity together without you lol thank you ❤️. Thank you Abdul for always pushing me to be a better version of myself and also I don’t think I could’ve played all those three sets without you hahahahaha. Thank you Stu for being the best agent ever and also lowkey therapist sometimes 😂. Thank you Sash for hitting with me for these past 2 weeks. Thank you Carly for texting me jokes that were super lame 😫. Thank you Yoshikawa-san and Toshi for all the support. Thank you MJ for always helping me with everything. Thank you Shimokura-san and Sakai for always smiling, literally 😁😂. Lastly, thank you dad for teaching me the values in life. I’ve been surrounded by such awesome people this trip and I’m really grateful for it. Love you guys 😭❤️ (okay I’ll stop posting for a while now haha)

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