When Ana Ivanovic declined to act for Hollywood

Ana Ivanovic is one of the most recognizable tennis and she could be a dream character for a movie.

So, no surprise that the movie industry is interested in her, but the Serbian beauty has already declined various offers. Some were from independent moviemakers, but one was from Hollywood.

Ivanovic: One role looked exciting

“Most of independent movies but there was one role in a Hollywood movie that looked so exciting. It was a bit more than a cameo, but not a major role. It would have suited me because it involved some action.”

“Still, for just a few scenes and about 10 lines of dialogue, it would have taken eight days to film. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able, or willing, to sacrifice my training for that long.”

Now ranked world no.16, Ana will kick start the season playing the ASB Classic in New Zealand next week.