Ouch, this is getting ugly, quite ugly.

The Maestro is unable to play at an acceptable level. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that his problems are coming from the racket but from his back… that is even worse.

Probably dented by his back, Roger is not able to be aggressive, even to play a proper game and he really needs to address his physical issues.

The match was unwatchable. Both Roger and Daniel Brands weren’t playing at their best. The Swiss was completely unable to oppose any resistance to be broken 5 times without being able to save a single break point.

The match ended after only 66 minutes. Statistics 

Roger about his back problems

“I decided after today’s warm-up whether I would play or not. I’m happy that I was able to play because I’ve had problems for some time now, already in Hamburg. But it didn’t get worse during today’s match. I’m positive and I felt that it was getting better during the last few days.

I’m still happy that I came to Gstaad this week. It was great being back here and the crowd gave me a fantastic welcome.” said Roger.

Time to take some rest for the Swiss?

2013 Gstaad Draw - Men 

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