RAP. Shapovalov explains why he released his new song ‘Night Train’

Denis Shapovalov talks about his passion for rapping and the release of his song the Night Train ahead of playing the US Open 2nd round

Denis Shapovalov Rapping

Denis Shapovalov has many interests in his life and one of them is rapping. The Canadian sensation was asked to perform on court 1 year ago in Indian Wells soon after one of his matches. The result was not great, but still it was very entertaining to see.

However, Denis has dramatically improved his rapping skills and having so much time during the global pandemic, he decided to release his own song with a decisively better result: “Night Train.”

During a recent interview with Tennis Majors, Denis talked about the reaction to his album to say:

“I haven’t heard from other players too much, maybe a couple that they like it. But overall it’s been pretty positive. I had so much free time on my hands, so many songs, so I just figured, why not just pull one out and see if the world vibes with it.

I’ve got a huge passion for music, I’m not trying to do anything with it other than just release the music and hopefully some people like it, some people can relate to it and just vibe to it.”

Denis will play for the first time in his career against Soon-Woo Kwon in the second round of the US Open

Shapovalov at the U.S. Open, ranking, and results in 2020

Denis Shapovalov Stats info

Currently the world no.17, Denis has a 6-8 win-loss record in 2020. The Canadian is now playing at the U.S. Open where he bested Sebastian Korda 6-4 4-6 6-3 6-2.

Kwon at the U.S. Open, ranking, and results in 2020

Soon-Woo Kwon Stats info

Now the world no.73, Soon-Woo has a 11-7 win-loss record in 2020. Soon-Woo is currently playing at the U.S. Open where he beat Thai Kwiatkowski 3-6 7-64 6-1 6-2.