Rafael Nadal is a very humble and “normal” guy, and he hates when people or journalists want to get a glimpse of what’s going on in his private life. For this reason, Rafa was not pleased when a journalist during the press conference hinted that he lost to Zverev because he was distracted after his wedding.

Was marrying Xisca Perello a distraction?

Rafa was asked: “Tonight you were playing very short many times. I don’t know why, because you’re not used to that. I’d like to know, for many people to get married is a very important distracted thing before the marriage, during the marriage, after the marriage. I’d like to know if somehow your concentration on tennis life has been a bit different even if you were going out with the same girl for many, many years.”

The King of Clay looked quite disturbed by this question to reply: “Honestly, are you asking me this? Is it a serious question or is it a joke? Is it serious?”

Then he added: “Okay. I am surprised. It is a big surprise for me you ask me this after I have been with the same girl for 15 years and having a very stable and normal life.
Doesn’t matter if you put a ring on your finger or not. In my personal way, I am a very normal guy. Maybe for you was [different]. For how many years you have been with your wife? And before? Ah, maybe before you were not sure. That’s why.. Okay. Okay. We move to Spanish because that’s bullshit. Thank you very much.

Rafa will face Daniil Medvedev in his 2nd match in London hoping to be as successful as he was in their clash in the US Open final.

Rafael Nadal’s ranking and performance in 2019

Rafael Nadal Stats info

Currently ranked no.1, Rafael played his last match on the 11th of November when he was overcome by Alexander Zverev 6-2 6-4 in the Round Robin in London.

This year Rafael has a 50-7 win-loss record. Rafael conquered 4 titles in 2019 in Rome, at the French Open, in Montreal and at the U.S. Open. The Spaniard was the finalist at the Australian Open.

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