Andreescu’s parents have been exceptional. BIANCA’S COACH BRUNEAU

See what Andreescu's coach thinks about Bianca's parents

Coach and Bianca Parents

“Tennis parents” have always being a delight or a pest for pro tennis coaches. Mothers and fathers tend to be intrusive in their sons or daughters’ careers to often disrupt the relationship between them and the coaching team. Typically, this intrusion happens a lot especially if the parents were directly involved as coaches in the early development of their children.

Fortunately, this has not happened in the case of Bianca Andreescu’s parents that didn’t want to intrude on the tennis development of their daughter.


What Sylvain Bruneau said about Bianca’s mother and father

Bianca’s coach had great words for Biana’s parents during his press conference that followed Andreescu’s win in the US Open semifinal to comment:

“I mean, as far as I’m concerned, they have been great tennis parents, because they have been extremely supportive of her, very, very — always behind her, and they very care about her, obvious. That’s their daughter, so that’s normal.


Even with me, I felt that they have not been intrusive at all. They have been giving us a lot of space. They have been very respectful of some of the decisions. They have mentioned a few times they were maybe in disagreement or whatever, but they have been really, really good.

So it’s been a really, so far, a very easy ride. I know and she’s mentioned to me she’s extremely close to her mom, that she shares a lot of things with her, which I think is fabulous. They are a very close family, and I think that’s good, actually, for her, yes.”