ANDREESCU. How I can beat Serena Williams in the US Open final

Bianca explains what she is going to do against Serena Williams in the US Open final

Bianca Andreescu about beating Serena

Bianca Andreescu is on a roll!

At just 19 years of age, the Canadian sensation has a phenomenal 42-4 win-loss record in 2019 with 3 titles in Newport Beach, Indian Wells, and Toronto. Bianca is on a 13-matches winning streak and she seems to be incapable of losing a match. One of her secrets is that she can use her incredible variations to adapt to all sorts of situations during adversities.

The final against Serena Williams

Bianca will face Serena Williams in what will be the rematch of the aborted Toronto final when the American legend withdrew when trialing 1-3 in the opening set. Bianca looked to be in full control of that match, but in all truth, Serena was struggling with her back. Therefore, it’s difficult to use that match as a benchmark.

Why Andreescu is confident that she can beat Serena

During a recent interview with TSN, Bianca explained why she is not scared by Williams and what she is going to do to beat her. The teenager is thrilled with her current condition to comment:

“I’ve been really really pleased with my performances especially in tough moments because I didn’t have any easy matches this tournament. So hopefully, I can bring the same mental strength and physical strength [in the final]. I’m just like wow I had the biggest smile on my face it was a pretty nice wake up this morning.”

Talking about her chances against Serena, Bianca added

“She’s a very powerful player she loves to take control of the point right from the start of the game she can be pretty intimidating too and she fights really really hard so when I do step on the court I don’t want to focus on that and who’s on the other side I just want to focus on myself because if I can play my game then I think I can I beat her.”

Talking about coping with Serena’s ferocious serve, Bianca answered: “I think I’ve been returning pretty okay even in the finals when I played her I really got a sense of how she hits the ball.

I mean she wasn’t playing her best tennis but I know how I’m gonna feel before the match and even during the match I was really good at letting go of all those distractions.”

When are Serena Williams and Bianca Andreescu going to play?

Serena and Bianca will fight for the title on Saturday at 4 pm at the Arthur Ashe Stadium