INJURY. Federer explains what happened against Grigor Dimitrov

Federer explains why he was struggling when playing against Dimitrov

Federer injury us open

Roger Federer was one of the hot favorites to win the US Open this year because he was playing exceptionally well, and Novak Djokovic was already out.

However, things didn’t go that well for Roger that had to bow to Grigor Dimitrov in the quarters even if he was enjoying a tremendous 7-0 record against the great Bulgarian. The Swiss sensation was extremely disappointed after the match because usually he has the upper hand when playing against Dimitrov especially when rallying from the baseline. However, this time, Grigor made things extremely uncomfortable for Federer. The final result was 6-3 4-6 6-3 6-4 6-2.

Federer’s injury

Besides Grigor playing extremely well, it was impossible not to notice that the Maestro wasn’t competing at his very best. That was clear especially in the decider when Roger had some physical issue to ask for a rare medical time-out.

During the post-match press conference, Roger explained what happened to reveal:

“I just needed some treatment on my upper, what is it, back, neck. Just needed to try to loosen it up, crack it and see if it was going to be better. But this is Grigor’s moment and not my body’s moment, so… It’s okay.”

When asked about when he started to feel the pain, Roger commented:

“Had a little bit this afternoon. That’s it. I was able to play. It’s okay. It’s how it goes. I tried my best. [the injury was] by far not too bad to give up or anything. Grigor was able to put me away. I fought with what I had. That’s it. So it’s okay.”

Federer’s Schedule

Roger will take a small break before getting ready for the Laver Cup that will take place in Geneva. Then he will play in Shanghai, in Basel, and the ATP finals in London. As usual, Roger is not sure if he will play in Bercy and he will decide later on probably after playing the home tournament.

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