At almost 36 years of age, it seems that Roger Federer is peaking again.

The Maestro is playing one of his best tournaments of his career (and he won 92 titles!) in Wimbledon, and even a great Tomas Berdych couldn’t stop the Maestro from reaching his 11th final.

There is no indication that Federer is aging. BERDYCH

In the post-match press conference, Tomas looked dejected as he was aware that he did everything he could to against Roger, but the Swiss was just was too good.

Tomas commented “I don’t see anything that would indicate Roger is getting older or anything like that. I think he’s just proving his greatness in our sport. If you look at the other guys who are 35, 36, I think you can very clearly see that the age and the years on tour are affecting them. But not with him.

“I was trying to find my way. So, whatever was possible to do I was trying. I also tried to come a little bit more to the net. But obviously, it’s very, very difficult.

Roger doesn’t give you any rhythm at all. He’s playing barely with any mistakes. He was controlling the game pretty well. Even those two sets in the tie-breaks, I was still the one facing a couple more break points down… It just shows how well he’s playing right now.”

Too good… just too good

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