RACISM. When Medvedev was UNFAIRLY disqualified in the US

When Medvedev accepted a wrong decision without making a fuss

Medvedev defaulted racism

Daniil Medvedev is hitting the headlines with his fantastic run during the last few weeks after reaching the final in Washington and Montreal before winning the title in Cincinnati.

Besides being a great champion, the new world no.5 is also a rather likable person. For this reason, it was rather out-of-character what happened to him 3 years ago.

When Medvedev defaulted for racism against Young

Back in 2016, Daniil was still ranked no.250 and he was disqualified from the Savannah Challenger because he “questioned the impartiality of the umpire, based on her race.”

In fact, Daniil was facing Donald Young in the second round and he got upset when the umpire, Sandy French, called his forehand wide while he was trailing 1-3. Then he uttered: “I know that you are friends. I am sure about it.”

Eventually, the tournament supervisor Keith Crossland was called to the court by Ms French and he disqualified immediately the Russian for “for racist comments” according to a statement from the ATP. That (wrong?) decision was taken since both the umpire and Donald are black, but it didn’t seem that Medvedev wanted to be racist at all.

However, as said by the match commentator, Mike Cation, Daniil’s words were not picked up.

Medvedev outstanding reaction

Even if it looked that Daniil was unfairly treated, he impressed with his reaction to calmy shake hands with both Donald Young and the umpire.