Federer talks about his physical condition and his struggle against Rublev

Roger Federer explains what happened in is match against Andrei Rublev

Roger Federer on his physical condition

Roger Federer had a rather disappointing run in Cincinnati where he was among the top favorites. However, he lost 6-3 6-4 as early as in the 3rd round against an exceptional Andrei Rublev in a match that lasted just 62 minutes.

Why I lost to Rublev. FEDERER

During his post-match press conference, Roger was extremely nice in defeat to acknowledge that his conqueror played extremely well to say: “He was super clean in defense, offense, serving well. He didn’t give me anything. So he was better everywhere. So it was tough for him, tough for me, but an excellent match for him. I was impressed.”

Federer about being without any injury

Roger admitted that he had some regrets about the outcome of this week because he generally feels well on these courts and he is also happy with his overall physical condition. Trying to be positive and see the silver lining, the Maestro commented:

“It’s very important for me is always to see that I’m injury-free and I’m feeling good regardless of the outcome of this week. I’m happy I came here. I had good practice sessions. I had a look at two matches here, and I hoped it would have gone better.”

Roger will now start his preparation for the upcoming US Open where he will try to win the title for the 6th time.

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