Federer explains how he will prepare the US Open after losing early in Cincinnati

Roger Federer explains what he is going to do after his disappointing campaign in Ohio


Roger Federer had a rather tough day in Cincinnati after he lost in straight sets (6-3 6-4) to Andrei Rublev after being overplayed by the Russian.

The Swiss sensation was struggling to control the ball in extremely fast conditions that are usually good for the Maestro, but this time he could not find the solution.

Keep it simple and work hard. FEDERER

Roger has to revise his plan soon after his defeat in Cincinnati as he will have more days to get ready for the US Open. When asked about what he is going to do during the next few days, Roger replied:

“I’ll speak to the team about it, but I have a few more days off now I’m sure before the US Open. I worked very hard coming into Cincinnati. I can maybe also utilize a couple of days off.

I’m gonna train exactly what I need to do for the Open and that’s it that was very very simple keep it simple and work hard.”

Roger has won the US Open for 5 consecutive years from 2004 to 2008 and he was the runner up in 2009 and 2015.

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