Why Naomi Osaka is happy

Naomi seems to be out of the tunnel and she explains how her team is helping her

Happy Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka has been through an extremely traumatic period after she won the Australian Open and she split with her now-former coach Sascha Bajin that was also a very important mentor for her.  Naomi seemed to be unable to cope with the stress of being a top players and the pressure of the expectations from her fans and sponsors for 3 or 4 months.

Finally, the Japanese sensation is finding her way out from the tunnel also to enjoy again playing tennis that is a crucial element if a pro player wants to be at the top. Naomi looked even “happy” after she lost to Serena Williams in the quarters in Montreal saying that she enjoyed the match also if the American was just too good.

The team is the key to Osaka’s success

During a recent interview, Osaka commented:

“It’s been a challenge, and I think you could kind of tell that during the months that were the most dramatic.

I think it’s balanced out. I have a really amazing team and an agent that doesn’t like to bother me with tens and millions of emails. So I’m able to focus really well on tennis, and I think that’s finally clicking.”

Osaka and her boyfriend YBN Cordae

Another source of happiness for Naomi is also her relationship with her boyfriend YBN Cordae, the American rapper that has just launched the album ‘The Lost Boy’ that Naomi is used to listening whenever she can.

Naomi and YBN Cordae “officialized” (sort of) their relationship when Osaka posted a video on Instagram with both of them.

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