FUNNY. Murray’s mother-in-law – “Pull your pants down”

Andy Murray had to endure so many battles, and he had to cope with all sorts of situations, but this one was really weird.

Pants down!

Andy confessed that it was his mother-in-law to diagnose his shingles, but that was awkward. Back from Australia, the world no.1 was having dinner, and …. he explained what happened

“I had a little bit of a rash from my bum round to my stomach. It wasn’t terrible. Normally if you have a little bit of a rash and you scratch it, it feels better. With that, it was really, really painful.

I didn’t think much of it at the beginning, but it was actually my wife’s mom (to diagnose it).

We were having dinner, and I said, ‘This is really irritating me, ’ and she was like, ‘Pull your pants down and show me, it might be shingles, ’ and I was like, ‘OK.’

And then the next day I got the doctor, and she was right.”

This mother-in-law is the real deal! Hands (and pants) down.