INJURIES. Nadal grateful to his family and coaching team for their support

Injuries have been a great problem for Nadal throughout his career

Rafael Nadal has thanked his family and his support team for helping him come out of the injury problems he has faced in his career.

Nadal’s injury problems

Injuries have been not new to Nadal, he has been living with injuries since 2005. He has been so much frustrated with pain, that at one point of time, he wanted to have less pain in exchange of trophies he has won. His uncle Toni Nadal said:For this reason, he’s considered his well-being above wins and many times he’s told me that he would have liked to win less in exchange for having less pain”.

Nadal has been especially prone to injuries on the hard court. He said about this:

“Probably it’s more than 1,100 matches on tour, more than any surface. I love to play on hard, but probably my body doesn’t love it that much.”

Ahead of the Rogers Cup, Nadal had said that he was apprehensive if the injury will flare up during the tournament. He had a positive outlook though and that helped him win the Rogers Cup easily. He dropped just one set on his way to winning the trophy for the fifth time. It is Spaniard’s 35th Masters 1000 title.

Nadal had to pull out from the Indian Wells tournament at the semi-final stage due to his knee injury. After this he felt that his whole season is going to be disrupted because of this problem, he felt frustrated. But his positive outlook helped him doing great this season with a win in Montreal.

The world no.2 said that he has been able to overcome this largely due to the help and support he got from the team. He thanked his team at the presentation ceremony in Montreal, he said:

“Many thanks to all my team here, Tomeu, Francis and Rafael for great support, It has been a great week and without the support of them and all of the people at home, family, the rest of the team, things would be impossible for me especially after a lot of injuries that I had in my career.

“The support of all of them has been the key to keep going. So many thanks for supporting in the good and the low moments.”

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