NOVAK DJOKOVIC. Age just a number like for Federer

Novak is all set to take over Federer in coming years with age on his side

Many commentators have recently argued that Djokovic will finish with more Grand Slams than the Swiss great, Roger Federer. This argument seems plausible considering the recent performances of the Serbian great especially his Wimbledon win in 2019. One thing which everyone is absolutely sure about is the fact that he is less loved by the crowd then Federer the world over except in his native Serbia.

While the Centre Court crowd in this year’s Wimbledon final largely cheered the mistakes of the world no.1 but occasionally it also acknowledged his indomitable spirit and this is something which has brought the Serbian to his current world no.1 stage to his likelihood of conquering Federer for having the most number of the Grand Slam trophies.

One can understand the kind of self-belief that the Serbian carries when everyone was crying “Roger! Roger!” at the Centre Court, he internalised it as “Novak! Novak!”

How old is Roger Federer?

What is in favour of the Serbian great is the fact that Roger is almost 38 and in most likelihood, his tennis may see a slide in a year or so while Novak at 32 has plenty of time. The Swiss great has already touched his peak and many feel that it will be downhill for him from here while Novak will continue to rise for at least for some years.

At the Champions’ dinner at London’s Guildhall, the Serb was eloquent about his short term and his long term goals which was obviously to take over Federer (for more number of Grand Slams) and to keep an eye over Nadal who has won 18 Grand Slams at the age of 33. Novak said there:

“I am 32 now, though I don’t really look at age. It’s just a number – like Roger said. I think I have a few more years left in my legs. And, if everything goes the right way, if I manage to balance things out in my private life – because I’m a tennis player, obviously, but firstly I’m a father and a husband – and as long as I have the support of the closest people in my life, I am able to thrive.”

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