Djokovic creates more problems than Federer and Nadal. GASQUET

Gasquet says that it has been tough playing in an era of the 'Big Three"

The Frenchman, Richard Gasquet feels that it has been brutal playing in the same era with tennis stalwarts like Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal. The three leading players have amassed as many as fifty-four Grand Slam titles and apart from winning in other tournaments.

Gasquet, a former world no.7, has bagged fifteen titles and reached the semis of Grand Slams. But, he feels Djokovic, Nadal and Federer’s dominance has been unassailable.

Why it’s tough to beat the “Big Three”

In an interview, the Frenchman told GQ: “Before in some Grand Slams, the top players missed out, like Pete Sampras at Roland Garros. Sampras did not play much on clay, Andre Agassi had some ups and downs. But, these three are enormous, and when you fall into this generation, it’s brutal! It has been lasting for fifteen years! They are the best players in history, and they are there from January to November.”

He added further:

“Still, these three never stop, they’ve won about 30 Masters 1000 tournaments each, it’s crazy and incredible! 20 Grand Slams for Federer, Djokovic is incredible, Nadal won 11 French Opens.”

Against these three stalwarts of the modern era, the Frenchman has all but a poor record. He has lost to Federer 18 times out of 20, 13 times out of 14 to the Serb, and 16 out of 16 to the Spaniard.

Gasquet feels that amongst the three, Djokovic has been the toughest to play against. He says:

“They (Federer and Nadal) give me fewer problems, he’s a lot stronger than I am on both sides, and he hits the ball very flat.”

Richard concluded saying: “My backhand doesn’t give him trouble at all, and it’s a weapon I need and often use against other players. He also serves very well”.

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