Ivo Karlovic is definitely the best server in tennis history and arguably the quirkiest player in the world. The 6’11” giant from Croatia is currently no.18 in the world at 37 years of age, and he has won 8 ATP titles. If you consider that Ivo is one of the funniest guys on tour, you would never think that he struggles on a daily basis to find practicing partners.

Why no one want to train with Ivo?

Karlovic bases his game plan on his extraordinary serve and some flashy returns. If the Croatian found himself entangled in a rally, he goes to the net as soon as possible so as not to give any rhythm to his opponents that are generally much better than him from the baseline.

During a recent interview, Ivo confessed that he is not really suffering from the fact that he cannot find practicing partners. On the contrary, he can see a silver lining in it. Karlovic commented

“It’s not that often that I get to practice with another. They don’t really like to practice with me, but I don’t have a problem with that. I have to see my coach almost every day on the other side of the net.

But I think this situation is an advantage. The less they practice with me, the less likely they are to get used to my game. I like having a unique playing style. The good thing about practicing with Petar is that I can do specific work that I need to do.”

So, anyone for a 1 hour with the world no.18? He will pay for the court and you won’t miss a good laugh!





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