On being asked about the greatest players in the history of tennis, American Coach, Nick Bollettieri has no dilemma or qualms. At a recent interview, he was quick enough to list down his favourites both from the men and women categories.

Why Novak Djokovic is the best player?

When asked: “who is the greatest player”, by an interviewer, without any indecision, Bollettieri was quick enough to reply: Novak Djokovic”. He moves well, recovers quickly, plays shortstop, serves, is very intelligent on the field. He is the best and it is great to see him again at the height of his game. What makes a man a champion is when you don’t want to make it to the top”.

Why Serena Williams is the best player?

When it came for the girls, Nick had no second-thoughts either, and said that: “For girls, it’s Serena Williams. I’ve been fortunate to work with many, but Serena is a class unto herself. Her style of play is different. It plays the same as if to say “I will attack you from the first point”.

He further added: “What happens to her now that she has a child and is not in the best shape is to hit the ball very straight. I hope they find their way back, but that year, working with her and Venus, their parents Orasin and Richard, is something wonderful”.

Well, the entire world cannot be further from the truth that Nick is indeed right. There is no denying that the domain of Lawn tennis has its biggest stalwarts in the names of Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams. As currently, Novak is leading in the tallies head to head against both Rafa and Roger.

Also, he is the sole player who defeated both Nadal and Federer on their very own battlefields (Nadal in the French Open and Federer at the Wimbledon, this year).

Serena Williams, on the other hand, is the winner of the majority of Grand Slams in the professional history of Lawn-Tennis.

She is undisputedly one of the best players with her serve being her biggest weapons. Sports has hardly ever seen someone serve with such precision and power. Moreover, her athleticism alongside her footwork, keep her in the points. Her strength may overshadow all these but Serena is indeed one of the most dominant players of Women’s tennis, ever.

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