Coachless Kyrgios training with headphones

Nick Kyrgios has a funny way to train and without a proper coach

Kyrgios headphones

Nick Kyrgios is well-known for doing his things in his way. The Australian sensation seems to be unable to follow any authority and he has always said he would struggle to have a proper coach.

During a recent interview, Kyrgios also said that he aims to inspire other people to believe in themselves without accepting any authority.

It’s debatable to say if this worked well for the Australian. In fact, many think that he is not living by his huge potential. Therefore, even if he managed to beat all the best players in the world multiple times, at the end of the day, he struggles to stay constantly in the top 20.

Training with headphone

A funny video is going around the internet showing the 24-year-old training with the headphones ahead of his match against Tsitsipas.

Eventually, the Australian ended up beating the world no.6. Therefore, is he right doing his own things?